January 1, 2023

This privacy policy is effective as of January, 2023.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

Healthy Ways Matter, LLC (d.b.a.: Healthy Ways), we, operate (“site) / Healthy Ways (“name”) and App (“Application”) any other references used for the site/service/app in this policy). This privacy policy applies to your use of the Healthy Ways ( ( and ( site, subdomain sites, service and app. It does not apply to your use of any of our other sites, services, or applications, and it does not apply to information we collect through other methods or sources such as sites owned or operated by our affiliates or vendors. Please be sure to review the privacy policy of any site, service, or application that you use as privacy practices often differ.

Collecting Personally Identifiable Information

We may collect, store, and use the following kinds of personal information:

  • Information you provide to us when your register with our and/or and/or Healthy Ways app, including your first and last names, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, user id, user password, identification numbers.
  • Information you provide when completing a profile on our / Healthy Ways app, including your personal information provided by the user upon registration that Healthy Ways and or it’s resellers will collect, store, and use— first and last names, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, user id, user password, identification numbers.
  • Information you provide when you subscribe to a newsletter or other periodic report or notification that we provide, including first and last names, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, user id, user password, and identification numbers.
  • Information about your device or computer, including IP address, geolocation, browser type, browser version, device type, operating system, referring and/or Healthy Ways app.
  • Information about your visits to and use of the and/or Healthy Ways App, including how you use the and/or Healthy Ways App, such as timing, length of time you are utilizing the app, frequency of logging in and your pattern of use and your pattern of use, and the pages, screens, or other displays of information looked at by the user.
  • Information relating to any purchases you make of our goods or services and/or, including first and last names, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, and payment card information.
  • Information that you post to our for publication on the Internet, including first and last names, user names, profile pictures, and the actual content of what a user posts.
  • Information contained in or relating to any communication that you send to us or send through our and/or any subdomain sites, including emails, texts, any communication and any metadata associated with it.
  • Your address, Healthy Ways card number, linked identification card numbers, login and password as well as any geographic information, emails, user identification will be collected and could be as frequently as each time you login to our secure data center.

Disclosing Personally Identifiable Information to Third Parties

We may disclose personally identifiable information we collect from you to the following third parties, for the purposes specified:

  • Agents. Healthy Ways Matter, LLC will at its discretion release any information requested to participating partners in the Healthy Ways app and card program and/or their respective affiliates for the sole purpose to meet the requirements of their participation in distribution of the Healthy Ways App and/or cards and for tracking purposes of loads/redemption.  This information will be stored securely on a SSL data center under the ownership/control of Healthy Ways Matter, LLC.  This information will be used to fulfill and deliver required reports regarding card activity, redemptions, sales and or refunds and identify the retailer merchant where the cards have been redeemed.
  • Service Providers. We use third parties to provide merchant services and/or wireless connectivity services on our Healthy Ways App.  When you sign up to become a Healthy Ways retailer, we will share your business name, business contact phone number, address and email address (if applicable) with the participating partner and to your customer should they inquire.  When you sign up to become a Healthy Ways cardholder customer, we will share your first and last name, phone number, email address, address and information you may provide to us upon registering your card, or during your usage/participation with that card in the Healthy Ways program to the participating retailer to the extent necessary in order for the third party to provide that service.  The retailer may elect to retain, store or use this information for their marketing purposes to you.
  • Affiliates. We may disclose your personal information to our affiliates, including Healthy Ways Matter, LLC’s employees, officers, and directors, the operator’s subsidiaries, the operator’s ultimate parent company, and any other subsidiary of the operator’s ultimate parent company, as appropriate, in order to effectively operate and evaluate the Healthy Ways App and card program.  The affiliates may retain, store, or use the information for any other purposes.
  • Other Third Parties. We may disclose to our partnerships, such as States, whom have interest in the Healthy Ways program and have a vested interest in the success of each retailer participant in that State, if requested your contact information, card number, and amount of loads/redemptions and to which retailer you have used your card.  This information is necessary for our partners to evaluate the success/failure of the program and to ensure that you are receiving every benefit dollar entitled to you under your participation in the program.  At the partners own discretion they may retain, store, or use the information for any other purposes within the confines as it relates to the Healthy Ways program.
  • Other Disclosures. We may also disclose personally identifiable information we collect from you when we are required to do so by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Healthy Ways Matter, LLC and/or Healthy Ways.

Making Changes to Your Information

This Healthy Ways App does not maintain a process by which you can review and make changes to the personally identifiable information we collect from you.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may modify this privacy policy at any time. If we do, we will post the revised version here https:/ You should periodically check here for the most up-to-date version of this privacy policy. Any changes to the privacy policy will not be retroactively applied and will not alter how we handle personally identifiable information we previously collected from you.

Response to Do Not Track Signals

Certain web browsers may provide an option by which you may have the browser inform websites or internet services you visit that you do not wish to have personally identifiable information about your activities tracked by cookies or other persistent identifiers across time and across third-party Internet websites, online or cloud computing services, online applications, or mobile applications. These are commonly called “do not track” signals. Our does not respond to such signals.

We may allow third parties to collect personally identifiable information about a user’s online activities, over time and across different sites, services, and applications, when that user uses our site, service, or application.  We may allow merchant/retailer who enrolled in offering the Healthy Ways App and card program at their business to collect data on redemption/refunds/voids of card numbers, dollar amounts, card numbers and related card numbers for the purpose of card activity evaluation and success of such programs.  Aggregate information will be provided for program integrity and measure of program success to a third-party.

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